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Not So Much List

  • Things that Uncle John would plug in from the garage.  Aunt Sue's kitchen appliances, washer or dryer.

  • Cousin Travis' assemble by number furniture, glass or stone top tables, & furniture with missing knobs, drawer pulls, or "not working so good."

  • Biggie furniture is bad and includes entertainment centers, office pieces, & beds or mattresses. (oh no!)

  • Sister Abby's not in pristine condition furniture. Marks, tears, scrapes, "good bones" furniture that needs TLC, stains, or with hidden beds inside don't make the cut. 

  • Not so muches include furniture that is ancient, antiquated, obsolete, out dated, or old-fashioned. Spotless and ultra clean is the winning ticket on furniture.

  • Mama Nancy's mix mashed glasses that come in 1s, 2s, or 3s, wine glasses, or any glasses not in a set.   Also on the no no list are her miniature collections, tchotchkes that were collected, signed & numbered including plates, ornaments with dates, or silver plated items. Silver plated platters and bowls top the not so much list.

  • Holiday or decorative items from the local hobby store.  Donate please.

  • None of Aunt Joy's dresses or Uncle Bill's clothes.  We do, however, have referrals to give you to resale or donate clothing since we're not resellers of clothes.

  • Art under glass larger than 11x14 is generally not accepted.  Wall hangings, tapestries, or draperies. 

  • We rarely accept china.  If we do, it's full sets, saleable, and not chipped or missing pieces.  Hundreds of added serving pieces do not  impress.

  • We reserve the right to donate any item on the above list.

  • Thank you to our family for being the examples on this page!  Much love!

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